The Faculty of Management and Economics was formerly known as Faculty of Business and Economics was


established on November 2002. The establishments of the faculty in line with the vision to produce professionals


in the field of management, accountancy, economics and entrepreneurship who are capable to analyze, research,


manage information, make decisions and educate the target groups efficiently. Strategic planning is vital in facing


the world economic challenges by using the latest application in information technology. New knowledge and skills are


developed as a result of integration of both business and management. To serve the needs, faculty actively involved in


research activities to acquire the latest findings and also to foster the field in educations as well as venturing into new


knowledge of management, business, economics, accountancy and entrepreneurship. The Faculty offers degree in


Bachelor of Education as well as Masters and PHD levels in the education and non-education field. In an effort to


strengthen the field of education, the faculty aims to further promote knowledge development through


teaching, research, publications and consultancy to cater for the needs of our clients and other parties.