We promise to commit in providing efficient, professional, ethical and warm services to our clients as the following:

1. To make sure the Faculty Academic Guide Book is distributed in the first week of the new student intake every academic session.

2. To make sure all students register via the IMS System within 2 weeks before the lectures start every semester.

3. To make sure the Instructional Plan and teaching materials can be accessed via MyGURU in the first week of lecture.

4. To make sure assignments marks are displayed in the 13th week of lecture for students’ checking.

5. To make sure students receive guidance and academic consultation at least 3 times every semester.

6.  To make sure all activities/ programmes proposal that are complete for approval will be given responses/feedback within 7 working days.

7. To make sure all tools and equipment for laboratories/workshops/ stores/ studios are ready to be used at least 10 minutes before lecture starts.

8. To make sure the Dean’s List is displayed 2 weeks after the approval of Senate Meeting

9. To make sure clients’ complaints are given responses/feedback within 24 hours.

10. To make sure any inquiry at the counter receives response within 5 minutes.