General Information

Where is the location of the FPE Office?

The Dean Office and the General Office are located at Level 1, Block 10, Sultan Azlan Shah Campus, Proton City, Tanjong Malim, Perak.



Dean Office

Ø  Administration

Ø   human resource management & human resource development

Ø  Space management

Ø  Finance, asset & inventory

Ø  Technical & website management

Ø  Faculty development and facility projects

Ø  Official complaints


General Office 1 & 2

Ø  Academic affairs management for undergraduates and postgraduates

Ø  Executive Programmes management

Ø  Quality Management

Ø  Internationalization

Ø  Research/ Publication/ Commercialization / Consultation & Innovation.

Ø  Welfare

 What are the facilities available in FPE?

The faculty is equipped with the following facilities:

        1. Business Information System (BIS) Computer Laboratories Seminar Room

      2. Meeting Rooms

      3. Mailing Room

      4. Prayer Room

      5. Guest Room

      6. Student Lounge & Thesis Room

       7. Faculty of Management & Economics Student Association Room

      8. Student Foyer

      9. Lecture Rooms

     10. Wireless hot spot

     11. Near to Cafeteria, O-Mart stores and Entrepreneurship kiosks


Can students from other faculties apply to use the facilities in FPE for the purpose of students’ activities? 


Students must apply for written permission from the Dean of FPE through the Dean of their faculty for approval


of the use of space. However, if there are overlapped applications, the priority is given to the members of FPE.