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 International Grants


Funding Organisation



Turtle Conservation FundWebsite:

 Awards are granted to organizations or individuals for specific conservation or research projects dealing with 

highly endangered tortoises or freshwater turtles, but not marine turtles, 

with either partial or full support as funding allows.


 European CommissionHorizon 2020 Programme

– Agriculture & Forestry

– Aquatic Resources

– Bio-based Industries

– Biotechnology

– Energy Environment & Climate Action

– Food & Healthy Diet

– Funding Researchers

– Health

– ICT Research & Innovation

– Innovation

– International  Cooperation

– Key Enabling Technologies

– Partnerships with Industry and Member States

– Raw Materials

– Research Infrastructures

– Security

– SMEs

– Social Sciences & Humanities

– Society

– Space

– Transport


 The International Development Research Centre

 IDRC encourages and support researchers and innovators in those countries to find practical, long-term solutions to the social, economic, and environmental problems their societies face. Their goal is to find ways to reduce poverty, improve health, support innovation, and safeguard the environment.


The Asia Foundation

Governance and law, economic development, women’s empowerment, environment, and regional cooperation


Ford Foundation

Charity, education, science


The Research Council of Norway 

Science(Researchers from abroad must as a rule have formal affiliation with a Norwegian institution to be eligible to seek Norwegian funding)


 Private  & National Grants

No. Funding Organisation Fields
1. Yayasan Sime Darby -Education-Environment-Community and Health-Youth and Sports-Arts and Culture
2.  Institut Darul Ridzuan -Anything that contributes to the development of Perak
3.  MOSTI-ScienceFund  Science
4. MARA  -Anything that contributes to the development of MARA
5.  Japan Foundation Kuala Lumpur Arts and Culture, Intellectual Exchanges, Japanese Studies
6.  Agensi Antidadah Kebangsaan (AADK) Anything regarding to drugs