We promise and are committed to provide efficient, professional, ethical and friendly services to our customers as follows:

1. Counter service for all business is served within five (5) minutes.

2. Ensure that the Faculty’s Academic Guide can be accessed within three (3) weeks from the date of entry of new students at each academic session.

3. Ensure that the instructional plan (RI) can be achieved in MyGURU during the first week of lectures.

4. Ensure course work marks are displayed for student review in the 13th week of lectures.

5. Ensure students receive academic guidance and counseling at least three (3) times per semester.

6. Ensure that all applications to carry out complete activities/programs for approval are given feedback within seven (7) working days.

7. Ensure that the equipment and hardware for the laboratory/ workshop/ store/ studio are ready for use no later than ten (10) minutes before the lecture starts.

8. Feedback to the complainant must be made within one (1) working day to inform that their complaint has been taken into account and will